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Wax Oil Oak Floorboards

Wax oil floor allows you to fix it and take care of it all by yourself. With everyday usage the coating will eventually wear down and get scratched. Communication paths are particularly at risk because those are the areas that use faster than the other places at home. Wax oil finish allows us to fill in the worn out coating by ourselves, without the need to hire the team of specialized floor fitters. You fill in the gaps by applying a special product that contains wax particles. Wax oil allows you to easily remove any scratches from the surface and gives you the ability of spot repairing the boards, for example: those stained with red vine.
The amount of wax oil on 1m2 is about 60gr which makes Color Floor floorboards one the leaders on the market. However floors finished off with wax oils involve a little bit more work than regular floors. Daily care will allow the floors to stay beautiful and durable for years.

  • odporna na wilgoć
  • odporna na odkształcenia
  • odporna na zarysowania
  • odporna na przebarwienia
  • przyjazna dla środowiska
  • nie trzeba cyklinować
  • możliwość miejscowej naprawy
  • przystosowana na ogrzewanie podłogowe
  • nie zawiera formaldehydów


Oak board in a natural, warm color. Wood structure is highlighted with colorless wax oil.


Wax oil boards in a light, birch color. Delicate structure of wood rings is barely noticeable.


Wax oil floor with an interesting, silver mould. Thanks to a unique pattern and wood texture

Natural Oil

Wax oil floor in a warm, natural color. Class and beauty of a noble wood. Fits every interior.


Oak, wax oil boards, brushed and hand-milled. Classic wooden floor in a natural color. A style


Oak, wax oil floor in the color of cognac. Beautiful, warm brown color that matches perfectly


Floor the color of coffee with milk, brushed, waxed. Additionally patinated which gives it the

Show White

Oak, wax oil and brushed floor, smooth. Very interesting snow white color. Light floors make


Oak, wax oil floor in a natural color. Very interesting structure, highlighted by an intense


Perfect floor for all exotic lovers. Oak, wax oil boards in dark, ebony color. Contrasts


Wax oil, brushed floor in grey color. Additional patination gives it an incredible look of an


Wax oil, brushed oak boards with quite a rough surface. Light color and structure remind us of