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Varnished Oak Floorboards

Varnished floor is a very comfortable option. Floors finished off with lacquers don’t require from us any regular treatment. Varnished boards should be cleaned with a damp mop, without using any chemical products. While choosing the right cleaning agent for our floors we may stumble across information about the multiple lacquer layers used to finish off the floor. What is really important for us to know is the amount of coating per 1m2. Color Floor has 300-320 grams per 1m2. Varnished floors are easy to care for and it’s relatively easy to prolong the overall lifetime of lacquer. We are given a wide range of products created for this purpose.
The product we recommend is Loba Parkettcare. As the time goes by traces of wear off may appear on varnished floors. The floor is repaired by re-sanding and applying new layer of varnished coating.

  • odporna na wilgoć
  • odporna na odkształcenia
  • odporna na zarysowania
  • odporna na działanie promieni słonecznych
  • odporna na przebarwienia
  • przyjazna dla środowiska
  • łatwość pielęgnacji
  • przystosowana na ogrzewanie podłogowe
  • nie zawiera formaldehydów


Floor covered with colorless lacquer. Traditional, classic color in every bit. Very beautiful

Pure White

Brushed and varnished floor in a light, white color. It’s the brightest floor is our palette.


Varnished, smooth floor in olive color. It has a very interesting, small wood grain structure.

Light Graphite

Brushed and varnished floor additionally patinated. Light grey color looks good even in small


Brushed and varnished floor. Very original color of limed wood. Perfect choice for people who


Varnished, smooth floors. Interesting wood grain and color of mature cognac will look beautiful


Brushed and varnished floor in a rustic style. Additional patination gives it an extra touch and


Varnished, dark colored wenge. It’s the darkest available floor in our palette. It looks


Oak floorboards in a natural, warm color. Wood structure is highlighted with colorless wax oil.


Brushed, varnished floor in white color. Delicate, white color and visible wood structure gives


Varnished, dark brown floor. The color is similar to that of dried tobacco leaves. Perfect for


Varnished floor, very lightly whitened. Classic, light wood that will look good in big and small