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About us

Color Floor is more than just floors. It’s more than wood. Color Floor is passion, inspiration, lifestyle. It’s a mission to turn every interior into a unique, sublime and one of a kind space.

Most floor producers consider themselves creators. We are more humble. Humble towards nature. Because it’s Mother Nature itself that created the material that we -as a company- are only processing and polishing. We are like a jeweler who polishes a raw diamond to bring out his natural beauty. But instead of a diamond we make the timber shine. The jeweler takes time to examine the diamond before he gives it the initial cut. And just like that we examine every part of the wood, we study the tree ring setting, check the humidity, color and density. Only after that we accentuate, form and bring out the best of it. What you receive from us is the result of hard work, talent and passion. We are the jewelers of timber.


We research and import only the highest quality wood species to work with. We can assure you that the floors we provide to your household are unique, selected and finished off under a watchful eye of passionates and artists. We only work with the highest quality products when it comes to lacquers, varnishes, hard wax oils,etc.

Until now Color Floor floors were only available on foreign markets where most of our production was directed. It took us a long time to find a distributor that will make sure you, as our clients, have the best available service. Finally we came up with the right partner and started a cooperation. It is a well know and highly appreciated distributor of wooden floors - Parkiet Studio.

We are confident that Parkiet Studio will provide you with the right service, proper setting and best assistance and counselling. We as Color Floor will personally provide the training for the sales department and monitor the technical service.

Every interior design starts with floors because they are the fundament of a house. Literally and figuratively. It’s an information given to us by the architects and designers we work with. And so we are here because our mission is to help you choose the best and most suitable floor for your interior.