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French And Hungarian Fir

French And Hungarian Fir

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Product description

The board length in such parquet can have various lengths. They’re chosen according to the size of the room. The bigger the room – the longer the boards should be.

French or Hungarian fir can be made in any color available in the Hardwax and Varnished boards palette.

Tongue and groove floorboard

Thickness +/- 0,5mm, width +/- 0,5mm, length +/- 1mm, inequality of upper surface no more than 0,5mm.

Humidity/moisture content
7 +/- 2%

Wood color in different packages and deliveries may vary. For more information slick sorting types.

High hardness, high resistance on biological destruction, acoustic isolator, natural regulator of air humidity. Product doesn’t cause allergy.

Installation tips

It might be necessary to adjust the ground in order to achieve the right parameters. The ground and the room might also need seasoning (process of removing moisture content) in order to achieve the right hygroscopic balance between the wood and the surrounding. Optimal humidity the wood has to achieve to be ready for installation is 7% +/- 2% with the air humidity at 45-55% and cement substrate humidity up to 2% (anhydrite up to 0,5%).

Substrate inequality can be max. Of 2mm on a 2 linear metre distance in every direction.